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trichloroisocyanuric acid(200g tablet)

Chemical Formula: C3N3O3CI3             Code name: TCCA

Characteristics White Power or processed into forms of granular or flake. Melting point : 220-225℃, Density:0.96. it gives off the odor like hypochloric acid and at room temperature. Indecomposable below 280℃and volatile at high temperature.




Available chlorine                  %> =


moisture                           %<=


PH value (1%water solution)


Applications:a type of disinfectant with high-efficiency and low-toxicity. Safe and easy to use, and convenient for transportation. Mainly used in disinfection, bacteria-killing, bleaching, scour deodorization and anti-shrinkage of wool, or as oxidant for rubber, sufface active agent for leather and water treatment agent.

Package:in one ton bag /25kg plastic bag /50kg plastic drum

Handling: in cool and dry places after sealing, Exposure to the sun and strong strike are strictly prohibited.

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